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WTF is a PhatBot

PhatBot is a Discord and Twitch bot made by Phat32 for… Discord and Twitch.

It can do some cool things, but most note worthy are the Giveaway and Chat Relay functions. There is a whole section just for the Giveaway I would recommend giving a look over, but we can do a quick overview of the Twitch Chat Relay.

Twitch Chat Relay

PhatBot can link a Twitch channels chat to 1 or many Discord channels. So anything said in 1 is relayed to them all!

You can say something in twitch and it will be captured in Discord, or if you’re in Discord you can send messages that will appear in Twitch via PhatBot!

This can be a handy tool and neat feature to allow your community to talk to you without leaving Discord. Because it relays to all chats, this includes Discord. If PhatBot is connected to multiple Servers and the Twitch Chat is linked to a channel in each, the chat will go to all servers. Anything said in 1 servers channel will be available in all servers and Twitch equally. It is easy to keep track of the source of the message as it will say [Twitch] if it message originated there, other wise it will say the server name like [Pixel Alliance]

Check out the bot in action at https://phat32.tv

Starting Out